Lateral Mgt Services Ltd. understands that people move the gears in industry. Towards making it easier for Companies which require temporary hands or staff on contract LMS offers the following services.

LMS provides a complete back-office service by becoming the legal Employer for contract employees at your company. Our service will allow you to reduce your overall staffing costs and increase your staffing flexibility without the time consuming administrative and financial responsibilities associated with contract employees. We also provide staffing on on-site management alternatives. You can also reduce your legal liability by ensuring that contract employees are classified correctly. We can help you achieve these goals by taking advantage of the benefits and perks of contract staffing:


  • Outsource Labor Accounting
  • Eliminate Payroll Tax Issues
  • Reduce Benefit Administration
  • Reduce Unemployment Exposure
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation Exposure
  • Containment of Permanent Staffing Levels
  • Maintain Budget Controls
  • Increase Protection from Lawsuits



LMS offers accounts related services and tailors its services to meet client needs. Cheques Management, Vendor payables services, Accounting ......
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