Our approach to assisting a client in any function always provides the best combination of skills and knowledge, resulting in an excellent outsourcing service designed to achieve cost reduction, efficiencies and improved quality. Our vision for a client is one of organizational efficiency and not just of incremental change. It brings to bear advanced technology, streamlined business processes and highly skilled people, resulting in measurable performance improvements throughout our client's organization. More importantly, we offer clients our people; our passion and our inspired leadership that helps clients transcend to the next level of excellence. Our individual energy and commitment to clients is unmatched. We recognize and appreciate the trust that clients extend to us, and in turn, we make every effort to demonstrate why that trust is well placed.


LMS offers a variety of services all of which are capable of being customised to suit a client.

  1. Book Keeping and Accounting
  2. Records Management
  3. Staffing
  4. Payroll
  5. Workflow design and automation





LMS offers accounts related services and tailors its services to meet client needs. Cheques Management, Vendor payables services, Accounting ......
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